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Hostfurl provides pre built web forms for direct mail to your email domain. Use or adapt our templates to insert forms with just one line into html or markdown.

Web site to email communication - out of the box

Hostfurl provides traditional shared servers with email, web content and DNS, hosted in Australia. Hostfurl provides a pre built website with contact form, newsletter subscribe form and newsletter unsubscribe form, as well as access to source code for a suitable contemporary web framework (Astro with tailwind)

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What is LINKED?

Web forms pass data to script that directly sends the data in an email to your email domain without a third party

What is out of the box?

A pre generated website with form to email. Access to a template for to develop further. New web forms cab be added with just one line. Use Markdown. Use Markdown extended (mdx files) to add a form with one line.

What works better in Australia

Email. Email clients using email servers overseas from Australia are noticeably laggy when downloading new email

Faster web sites

Higher performance content sites by encouraging development with state of the art techniques, such as automatic removal of unused javascript and CSS, and renders directly to static HTML files for the server when it can, instead of allowing javascript to render in the browser.

Faster web site editing and development with local editing

Unless you work well under 100 milliseconds of a server, on site editing is a huge frustration and a huge productivity loss. US is close to 200 milliseconds away and Europe close to 300 milliseconds. Sticking to local editing, even for Australia servers, is a huge productivity boon

Easier development for web to mail

Web to mail works cross-origin and so with localhost. No need to upload a build to test while developing

Faster web site updates

Hostfurl allows rsync access over secure shell. This is a huge productivity benefit when using incremental updates over rsynch. You don't need to be a pro to take advantage. Passive FTP over TLS (FTPS) is available but not recommended except for some specific use cases. Secure shell allows secure FTP (SFTP), which is flexible for general use and can be used with a desktop file manager.

Shorter training

Content writing with markdown use requires little training. Markdown extended use allows web to email forms to be added with just one line. A single more knowledgeable developer can make such one line added forms easily available for content writers


Use a traditional style forum with topic based posts to learn from others, ask questions and answer questions. Show your expertise to gain reputation.

Optionally use pro collaborative development and CI/CD techniques

Pro developers are fond of collaborative development, CI/CD with Github Actions. You can use rsynch over secure shell in Github Actions to update your website from a push to GitHub

Total storage size for an account is the key limit

Fit up to 100 domains per account and as many email accounts for each domain as you choose, as long as they all fit within allocated storage. Other limits include outbound emails in any calendar day (UTC+10 time zone) and bandwidth limits per month. If your web site becomes vey popular and exceeds bandwidth limits we can help you move to CDN while still retaining web form to email using cross-origin.

Customer account with support tickets

A customer account for ordering one or more multi-domain admin accounts on servers and for support tickets

Virtualmin web control panel for multi-domain admin

Virtualmin web control panel, add in domains add in email users. However no databases, no php scripts and read only access to cgi-bin directory

Usermin user panel allows direct webmail access

While using an email client is preferred, such as with gmail on a mobile phone or desktop or with a desktop client, direct webmail access is available with Usermin. A file manager is included, useful for quick access, such as to sieve email filter files. However more experienced users will prefer using other techniques. A sieve configuration file server is enabled which checks syntax. Sieve is used an alternative to procmail filtering

Same DNS nameservers to point to, even if moved to a different physical server

You get three authoritative nameservers to point to for glue NS records. All three nameservers will list a fourth Hostfurl authoritative nameserver that is also your SOA nameserver. This allows flexibility. Some naive DNS analysers erroneously believe glue NS records are required to be complete. One naive analyser specifically points to a section (5.4.1 of RFC 2181) as proving error, but in fact proves the opposite as glue records are specifically excluded when proving DNS configuration correctness. If you believe this is a mistake then please do not sign up for an account.

Ticket based support

To keep costs low Hostfurl provides ticket based support that can be actioned though email and the web. Hours for standard support reply are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, UTC+10 (QLD, Australia time). Support for real server issues is 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

What support includes

Fixing server faults. Getting your servers running, checking why your server is not working as expected, fixing servers due to poor settings, providing default settings and web pages you can change, fixing password lockout.

Support for using Hostfurl open source template

While Hostfurl provide an open source template, Hostfurl does not develop web sites for others with these templates, past out of the box automatic setup. You are welcome to use our web site templates and to seek support the normal way for open source software, which is through raising issues on a forum and raising github issues, through which anyone, including Hostfurl, may or not reply to and may or may not action. You can also commission others to provide support or development.

Hostfurl prices

Hostfurl prices will be very competitive. If you are in Australia, want even lower prices and can tolerate the deterioration in performance due to lag, then you can sign up to use a server in Europe that we can offer use of at a lower price.

Protection from SPAM and Virus

Accepted anti SPAM and Anti virus protections are in place, including greylisting, which is denial of first delivery attempt from a new source. It is rare there is more than a five minute delay until the next accepted delivery attempt from a non SPAM source. Subsequent first delivery attempts from the same source are accepted.


Customer data is encrypted before sending to a backup server. From the backup server the encrypted customer data is farmed out to redundant storage servers


Short passwords not allowed. 2FA is optional

Literally one extra line to add an additional form for email to a page with module

Using familiar standard practices, a forthcoming open source hostfurl mailform module is a required module dependency. Although typescript used it can be avoided in adaptations. Other standard module dependencies required. Two additional lines required in a global tailwind config file. An import statement required on any page that uses hostfurl module. Then any number of different configurable forms for email can be added with single lines

Few limitations on form layout for email using module

Suppose using multiple but different instances of a form with module on the same page, each with different data information configurations. Then using the 'for' attribute of a label (instead of wrapping within the label element within module code) requires an extra id parameter is added to the line. This is because a label 'for' breaks shadow dom encapsulation. Example uses provided. Also, if you have multiple form instances you may get a higher score with Google Lighthouse if the parameter is added and used, as it can avoid an accessibility score penalty.


Hostfurl is not suitable for ordinary ecommerce (including headless ecommerce) because you cannot keep a client ID secret using SSG (static site generation) for your site and cannot store information in a database, such as for use with Paypal JavaScript SDK. However if keeping a client ID secret is not an issue and if, for very simple ecommerce, automatically generated email can be used instead to track what ordinarily a database would be used for then you can use Hostfurl for ecommerce. Exposing a client ID means it may be possible to have orders generated and paid for outside of your control.

No unsolicited email (SPAM) to be sent

Unsolicited email (SPAM) is not allowed to be sent through Hostfurl and is grounds for termination of service, as per agreement. A complaint about an unsolicited email sent through Hostfurl will result in the original complaint being forwarded to Hostfurl. There are multiple steps you can take to avoid such complaints being made. Hostfurl takes steps to allow mail to continue to be sent from Hostfurl servers if a Hostfurl mail send IP address gets banned, including suspension of accounts to prevent reoccurrence.

Email ports and encryption

Hostfurl uses industry standards. For secure email receive/send with Hostfurl, preferred ports are 993 for imap receive with server storage and 465 for smtp send. Email receive/send is encrypted over ports 993/465. Direct email server storage is private but not encrypted. Backed up email storage is encrypted. Port 587 for smtp send may allow all unencrypted communication, including unencrypted password and is no longer a standards recommendation (RFC 8314). All email ports are 110 (pop3 insecure) / 995 (pop3 tls), 143 (imap insecure and imap starttls) / 993 (imap tls), 25 (smtp insecure and smtp starttls) / 465 (smtp ssl/tls) / 587 (smtp starttls). Autoconfiguration is enabled to avoid manual configuration. Port 4190 is the sieve manage port.

Email authentication with DMARC, DKIM and SPF. SPAM test score

For sending email, DNS defaults for DMARC, DKIM and SPF are automatic and can be adjusted in settings without manual editing of DNS files. For receiving, DMARC, DKIM and SPF tests are used to contribute to an incoming spam score assessment, along with numerous other tests. Results of tests can be viewed in a X-Spam-Status added email header. There are also other relevant headers.

Linked Email and Web content domain hosting in Australia

Enjoy faster email access in Australia! Enjoy websites that build, deploy and work fast and makes form to email easier!

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